CRPS tool box: Words of wisdom

Here are some quotes that I found, In hopes that it may help those of you going through some hard times.

And to those of you who are in the large family of CRPS/RSD fighters…

Never give up hope ❤

There are so many others that I just love!

Many of us have a special quote or saying, that helps us get by…. Everyday.

I’d be honored if you’d share your favorite quote… Or some words of wisdom!
Please leave a comment below, with your words of encouragement!
I’m hoping there will be enough, where I can share them in a separate post (with credit given)! Unless you’d rather me not share them in a post, just mention that in the comment, and I won’t.

Thank you for coming to!

Remember.. “Always give hope the time to float…. Because it will!”

Heather Lynn

Ps: make sure you go to my other blog and show some love! ❤ 🙂

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