Woman Struggles with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Reading articles like these, written by doctors… Give me hope. Hope knowing that there are people out there trying to help us.
One patient at a time.
It just so happens that this patient is Amanda! I am friends with her on FB and she is very active with spreading awareness on CRPS/RSD. ❤

Minnesota Physical Medicine Blog

CRPS ankle painAmanda Siebe is a young woman living with a rare disease known as complex regional pain syndrome (or CRPS for short).

It began when Amanda sprained her ankle during a shift at the restaurant at which she works. Initially she just dealt with the pain and continued to work on the injured ankle. But in a few days her ankle had grown inflamed and very painful.

After that she attempted to continue working with crutches to take the weight off of her ankle, but another fall forced her to take time off of work. The ankle still did not heal. After roughly a year of suffering, Amanda was finally diagnosed with CRPS.

CRPS is a condition where the body’s nerves record every type of stimulation as pain. For example, simply poking the impacted area with your finger may feel like a stabbing knife. CRPS can eventually move to other parts…

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