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Hey everyone!

I thought it would be nice to put together a list of things that I personally recommend, for CRPS/RSD fighters.

After giving it thought, I decided to make an actual store through Amazon with the items I recommend! This way, you can order the items right here! No need to go to the store (or ask someone to go for you).

Please click here to go straight to my store through Amazon!

  • If you look on the top left corner, you will see “Categories”. Click on the different categories, to see the products!
  • “Other items- Mobility assistance” is a category that I placed in the store, but did NOT choose those items. Amazon added all items within the category that was chosen.

I hope you find this useful. If you have RSD/CRPS, and know any products that you think should be added to this, please leave your recommendation in the comment section! Thank you so much!


Disclaimer: By purchasing anything through this store, you are ordering straight through Amazon, not me. as an Amazon Affiliate, I’ll receive a couple cents from each order. This does NOT effect the price/details of your order. I have put this store together, in hopes that It will help those who are fighting for a cure everyday.

These products are available for everyone! You do NOT have to be a CRPS/RSD fighter, to order any of these items through here.

Results vary per person. I am not a medical professional. All of these recommendations are based off of personal experience and/or interest.

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