Moparpalooza 2014

Moparpalooza 2014!

What’s that you ask!?

Moparpalooza is an automotive charity event in the DC-metro area that raises money for the Fisher House Foundation.
This awesome event is presented by Waldorf Dodge!

Fisher House provides free or low cost lodging to veterans and military families while receiving treatment at military medical centers.

This is an annual event, that keeps getting bigger and bigger each year! At the event, you’re helping to raise money for our service men and women. At the same time, also a celebration of the heritage and passion that surrounds vehicles in the Chrysler family.

When is it?: Saturday, MAY 31, 2014 from 8AM – 3PM

Where is it?: Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, MD

Pre-Registration is $30 until May 17th. And $40 at the gate!

​Moparpalooza is going to be a day full of fun! As of now, they have: 50/50 Fisher House Raffle, SILENT AUCTION, DJ, Vendors, Awards, and Trophies. They will also have an area for the children to ride bumper boats!
Pre registered cars will get a discounted rate and a ticket to that nights game.

Moparpalooza welcomes ALL Mopar/ALL Years/ALL Models:

SRT, RAM, AMC, Plymouth, Dodge, Fargo, DeSoto, Chrysler, Imperial, Maxwell, Chalmers, Jeep, Eagle, and Fiat.

People from all over the country drive to Moparpalooza! And you should too!
If you’d like to register your vehicle, please click here and click on “Registration”!

I also encourage you to go to their FB event page to RSVP, get updates, chat with others who are going, etc. click here to get to the event!

(Lol this is mine. As I’m wearing my Moparpalooza 2012 Tank top!)

Some info:

 This year, Dodge is going to match the donations from the event! Up to $25,000! Heck yeah! Go Dodge!!

If you’re not familiar with the Fisher House Foundation, here is some information for you to check out!

*One of their centers right in Bethesda, MD- “NICoE” (National Intrepid Center of Excellence).
This center is designed to help treat our heroes after they come back from overseas, who are dealing with PTSD and TBI’s. They provide a safe environment where all of the medical needs are met. At the same time, the family is able to stay with their loved one, and be a part of the healing process.

The Fisher House foundation has changed so many lives, and has helped countless families, at a time when they need help the most. I strongly encourage you donate to the foundation if you can’t make it to the event.*
(The center is AMAZING! My father actually works there, so I was able to see the inside before they started taking patients.)

Please check out the Fisher House Foundations history and all of the amazing things they have accomplished by clicking here!

If you’re going, Let me know! I might be there! (It all depends on how my treatment goes for my CRPS, if I feel okay, then I will definitely be there!)
Make sure you leave a comment below, along with where you’re coming from!

Follow them on twitter at @Moparpalooza!

Thank you all for stopping by! And I hope to see you at Moparpalooza!

Heather Lynn

PS: For those wondering why I’m posting this on as well as, is because CRPS & the military go hand and hand.

That’s right!

(CRPS started in the Civil war. And was described as above!)

Today, CRPS is still very much in the military. In fact, they say that 50% of our military coming back from the war, and diagnosed with chronic pain, have CRPS/RSD!! This health condition is well known among the wounded warriors.
That alone proves that CRPS/RSD is NOT rare! It’s NOT new! And it can happen to anyone.

For more info on CRPS:!!

Just remember, always hold onto hope.

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