Hopeful Heather with CRPS

Hey everyone!

Thank you for coming to check out my blog!

This blog has posts providing information on CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)! Some posts are from myself, talking about a specific treatment that I’ve tried, experiences that I’ve gone through while fighting CRPS, as well as overall updates, to let everyone know how I’m currently doing! 🙂

This blog also has some entries from other CRPS/RSD fighters, sharing their over all experiences!

ALL factual information on my blog will ALWAYS provide a link to the original source!
**On here, in most cases, any posts that are strictly informative, come from http://www.RSDhope.org. (Ex: What is CRPS? What is HBOT?…etc)**

There are only 2 National non-profit organizations that focus on CRPS/RSD. Those two orgs are RSD Hope and RSDSA! If you are planning on looking up CRPS/RSD, those are the 2 places to look, for the most accurate and up to date news and information!
http://www.RSDhope.org -> RSD Hope
http://www.RSDS.org -> RSDSA

Here is a video of Elliot Krane, explaining Chronic pain (CRPS in particular)- TEDtalks:


If you are interested in sharing your story that involves CRPS/RSD- Whether you are someone who has had it for less than a year, or someone who’s been fighting it for many years… I’d love for you to email me! I’d also love to hear from loved ones/caregivers!
( the blog entries from guest bloggers can remain completely anonymous!)
*Please email me at hope4yourcause[at]gmail.com*

**I have started something called “OHH”, which stands for Operation Heal Heather!**

(I know-yucky)

I have tried numerous treatments and so far, none have been effective enough for me to get into remission.
(Please check out my latest update called “Heathers Update:7/1” for more information,in regards to my treatments & the options that I have as of now..and what I’m going to do about it!)

– if you’d like to be apart of team “OHH!”, and helping me heal…
http://www.gofundme.com/LRTR13 is set up to help me receive a specific treatment,which I feel is my last option.
*I make sure to try very hard to keep others updated and informed on my status! Whether its on my gofundme account, or on my blog!*

Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my blog 🙂

Heather Lynn

PS: I know many people have questions regarding CRPS!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Feel free to ask me anything!
I plan on making a post dedicated to “Q&A’s”! I feel it’s very important for people to know and understand this syndrome! I will NOT be offended by any questions!
Feel free to leave them in a comment below ( No one will see them- I won’t approve them. I will save them and answer them in a Q&A 🙂
Or.. Email them to hope4yourcause@gmail.com 🙂
Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Hopeful Heather with CRPS

  1. Maria Guerra says:

    Heather I would like to Know if you would be interested in participating in the Inspirational CRPS story Book?

    Hi Everyone:

    I am on a New and Exciting Journey and would like to share it with the World through assembling an Inspirational CRPS Story Book with YOUR HELP! We will have the ability to share 50 different creative views to reach out to touch someone. We will bring CRPS Awareness to the World through OUR EYES!
    Like I said I can only do this with your help. If you are interested in putting your story in the Inspirational Story Book that I am assembling.





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