Operation Wear Orange!

Hey everyone!

– Would you like to put a smile on millions of faces?
– Would you like to show your support to every CRPS fighter?
– Possibly change lives in a positive way?
*(By doing something so simple, and possibly even fun!? Without spending a dime!)*

~Keep reading, and you’ll see what “Operation Wear Orange!” Is all about! ~

For those who don’t know, November is CRPS awareness month! (Yep! We have one of those! But, we need it to start spreading more awareness)
There is an amazing organization called Power of Pain, http://www.powerofpain.org, they call next month “Nervember”, which is catchy and appropriate!
You should definitely go check out their website! They provide information about many forms of Chronic pain!

Through out the whole month, I am going to try my hardest to post something new everyday, whether it’s information, an update, some inspiration, who knows- maybe just a goofy picture of my “catdog” for some giggles! 🙂

Another important thing about next month (besides my Birthday ::cough cough:: the 14th ::cough cough::)
Is CRPS awareness day! Which is on November 5!

It would mean the world to me if you all will “celebrate” this day, and show your support, by wearing orange! It could be an orange shirt, tie, socks, pants, jewelry,etc!

(This was me last year)

If your having a conversation with co workers, friends, family, or even strangers… Try to spread awareness about CRPS!


This is where “Operation Wear Orange!” Comes into play!

-For those who rock orange on November 5th, please take a photo and either:
Tweet it, FB it, or Instagram it (and tag me @aBlondeBabe) with the hash tag #WearOrange4CRPS!

(If you don’t have any of the above, feel free to email me @ Hope4Yourcause@gmail.com!)

-I will not only make a huge collage (or hopefully collages), that you will be apart of, and will be posted on my blog!

I will pick 2-3 winners, who will win a prize! 😉

Ultimately, you will be showing your support to millions of people who are fighting this debilitating condition 24/7. Words can not describe how much that would mean.

**If there are any companies that would like to donate items/offer their services, for the challenge winners, please email me at:
Your business will be promoted through out the month of November (CRPS awareness month) on this site, my personal twitter, letsrocktheribbons.com, LRTR’s twitter account ( @urockyourcause), blogsbyheather.tumblr.com, http://www.facebook.com/HLynnMD and my personal FB account.
*During and After the month of November, your logo(or a photo of your choice, that represents your business) will go on the side of this site with the other “Supporters”. Your photo/logo will be directly linked to your website!* 🙂

*I will post a reminder on November 1st*

Until then, please share this post through out social media, to your loved ones, and mark your calendars! “Operation Wear Orange!” #WearOrange4CRPS!

(Be sure to check out my other website which is dedicated to spreading awareness about numerous causes! http://www.letsrocktheribbons.info (-: Where you rock your cause!)

**Let’s educate the world about CRPS, and help us put out the fire**

Again, please share this post all over!
-How awesome would it be if 100 people participated in “Operation Wear Orange!”??
500 people?!
1,000 people!!?
It’s possible… But not without you!

Thank you so much
Heather Lynn


Auction items for “OHH”

Hey y’all!

This post is to talk about “Auction Items for OHH” (OHH= Operation Heal Heather)

*I know I’ve posted on here a few times,But, I’m trying to get items together for an online auction so I can raise $ to receive some effective treatment for my CRPS.*

(This was a painful “Frostbite” type of flare! Ugh. They do not always feel like they’re on fire! Sometimes it’s the complete opposite)

Here’s a “Fire Flare”! It was also a really
Bad night on my last 3 toes. (They’re in a constant spasm when the flares are like this. Inflammation gets really bad as well)

As of now, HBOT is out of the question because of the costs. So, I’ve been looking into Calmare therapy.
HBOT= 30-40 days/sessions & $250 a session at a center in FL.
Calmare= 10 days long at a center in NJ.- The initial therapy is $2,500. But I will need “Boosters” every couple months. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
Both treatments are far away from Maryland, I will need to get a hotel room and arrange transportation. Which is why I set the goal amount for 4k. $2,500 for the actual treatment and $1,500 for travel and possible extra medical expenses.
**I would rather receive HBOT, but realistically prefer Calmare therapy**

My medical bills are racking up,but I’m not even focused on that. I’m focused on getting better. My health insurance is dropping me in November :-(. (Not a good birthday present!)
So,I’m trying to figure something out before I no longer have health insurance.
I dont have info on the online auction bc I need more items… Once I’m able to get a few more items together, I will look into what site to use for the auction!
– The items do not need to be shirts.
(But they can be! Who doesn’t love shirts?)
-If anyone has anything they’d like to donate, I’d be beyond grateful.

**THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Chivers who have donated shirts for the auction from http://www.theCHIVERY.com.**
Thank you to Hoppe Jewels for the awesome bracelet in honor of theCHIVE.com.
As well as to Crazydogtshirts.com! 🙂
Y’all rock!

http://www.hopeforyourcause.org for my blog! Check it out!
http://www.gofundme.com/LRTR2013 is my gofundme account.<3
CRPS sucks ass!!

As of now…
Goal: $3,500- $4,000
For: Calmare therapy

Thank you all so much!!
Heather Lynn


CRPS tool box: Helpful Tips!


So…I was searching the Internet to get some information on a doctor that I am supposed to see at the end of the month,and I found an awesome site!

*(Side note: whether you have a health condition or not,ALWAYS google a new doctor you are going to go see! 9 times out of 10, there will be reviews from their patients on there. ESPECIALLY if they have bad reviews! Doing this may save you a trip to a doctor with horrible bed side manner,or w/e reason they suck!)*

With CRPS/RSD, we have specific things that trigger a “flare up”. For me,I know exactly what my triggers are,at least for now. (Things change everyday)
My #1 trigger for a flare, is weather! Ugh! If the temperature changes too much,too fast. When it rains, snows, if it’s foggy,humid…etc. My feet automatically flare up,then my arms shortly follow.

This isn’t just with CRPS/RSD, Arthritis, Fibro, etc… So this tool would work for you too!

“The Aches and Pains weather checker”

Here is the link!

See where it says “**Pressure**?”
– That’s the first thing I look at. Notice how it says 30.18 and *falling*?
~ Well,for me, that means “Heather..if you’re not feeling it yet, expect to start feeling a flare VERY shortly!”
Grrr! But! I rather know why Im flaring.

Another recommendation I have for those of you who have chronic pain, Migraines, etc. Download the **My pain Diary** app, on your iPhone (and possibly an android- I am not sure if the android version is available yet).

This app is beyond amazing! I could go on forever about all the things this app can do,and benefit you. I highly suggest you either check your App Store and/or google **My pain diary** and you can see the awesome features available with this app!

I hope everyone has a great week!
Thank you!
Heather Lynn