Change in 10 seconds..

Hey everyone!

So.. I downloaded this app on my new computer, which allows you to find photos through your email addresses!

Best part? It can retrieve photos from 10 years ago! (Depending on how long you had your email address!)
It’s called “Lost photos”? I think?
.. I can’t 100% remember the name, but if you are personally interested in the app, leave a comment on this post, and I will check my computer for you :-).

I came across a photo collage that I made a couple months after I was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD (Mid June 2012).

It shows what happened at the time when I had my feet up (not necessarily “elevated/above the heart”. But, up as in.. Laying down).
Then what happened as soon as I started to stand..then back with my legs up in bed.

Keep in mind, this was almost 2yrs ago.
Things have gotten worse since then. But I’m happy that I found this photo, to show what CRPS/RSD is.. And why it is so disabling.

I also found this. 😦

2 years later…. It is now in both feet and legs, as well as both arms. 

(Left foot)

(Right foot- the foot I originally broke)

Those are just a few photos…

If you’d like… I do have a YouTube channel that I don’t promote much.
I have a lot of flares recorded, under “MMorheather”. If you’re interested, you should take a look.

If you’d like to send me your story to share on my blog, along with photos… I’d love it!
Please email me at hope4yourcause[at]gmail[dot]com. With the subject (CRPS story).

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Hope all is well.
Heather Lynn

Ps: I do have a gofundme account, my story is on the page,along with why I have a page. If you have a moment, please go to
Thank you so much ❤

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