Attention! CRPS fighters!

Hey CRPS/RSD Fighters!

I want to try something, but I really need your help, in order for this to be successful.

My ultimate goal here, is to spread awareness about CRPS and share what it’s like to have it.

What do I need from you?
-Below are a few questions. It would be so helpful if you answered one of them for me! You are definitely more than welcome to answer all of them!

*Please* leave your answer(s) in the comment box below this post! Please put the # of the question(s) that you chose,in front of your answer (so we know what question(s) you chose)

After you post your comment, could you please please please share this post on your FB/Twitter,Tumblr,Blog,etc? (Anywhere that other CRPS fighters will see it! The more people who participate, the better)
Thank you! 🙂

What are the questions? Drum roll please….

#1) In ONE sentence, how would you describe what CRPS is?

#2) In ONE sentence, how would you describe what it feels like during a CRPS flare? (To someone that does not have CRPS)

#3) In ONE sentence, please share ONE thing that has changed the most, after being diagnosed with CRPS?

#4) In ONE sentence, what advice would you give to a newly diagnosed CRPS fighter?


What am I planning on doing with the answers you give me?

I am going to make another post with your answers! The post will be geared towards spreading awareness, sharing the many different ways it affects people differently, helping those who don’t have it..understand what it’s like to have CRPS, as well as provide insight for those who are newly diagnosed.

I feel it is so important for people to see how many people have CRPS, and how different things are between each person.

It’s also important for those who have CRPS, to know that they aren’t alone.

In your comment, please leave your name (at least your first name) And feel free to leave your email/twitter/FB/etc!

I wanted to make the post before the end of November (CRPS awareness month)-But, I haven’t received many answers from other CRPS. 😦
Please help me spread the word by sharing this post, and answering the question(s) you choose, by December 5, 2013!

Thank you so much!
I look forward to reading your answers!

Heather Lynn

Twitter & IG: @aBlondeBabe


4 thoughts on “Attention! CRPS fighters!

  1. Teri Califf says:

    #3 The capability to do the things I want and need to do for my family…
    #4 Learn as much as you can about crps like through Heathers site and never give up…


    • Heather Lynn says:

      Thank you so much for answering the questions :-). And the kind words. You are awesome! I’d like to add that I get my info from 1) my doctors 2) my experiences 3) from – Keith O. Has put so much time and work into that website, and making sure everything is up to date! I highly recommend checking that website out!

      I hope your day is a low pain day! ❤
      – Heather Lynn


  2. CureRSD says:

    1. CRPS is a complex syndrome that inviolves chronic pain, swelling, discoloration, spasms, tightening and other pain.
    2. CRPS feels like a Mac truck is running over my foot-leg over and over again.
    3. CRPS has changed not just changed my life but my families life. I lost my business, cannot walk at times to mailbox, dance, work, wear “normal shoes” and feel like the woman I once was.
    4. Advice I would give new fighters. Make sure you can openly talk with your doctor. Keep your loved ones close in your life and find hobbies to keep you sane. It’s a great distraction and helps manage your pain. Also, get inviolved in a CRPS group(s).


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