Hey everyone!!

This is a reminder for “Operation Wear Orange!”.

In 2 days,(November 5th, 2013) I am asking everyone to wear something that is orange (T shirt, socks, pants, bracelet, hat, shoes..etc!) it can be anything! For CRPS awareness day!
Make sure you snap a photo, and send it to me! ( Over FB, twitter, email, Instagram,etc..)
**All of my information above, is on the original post!**
Click here for all the information 🙂

I remember those of you who did this for me last year, it meant the world to me!

(I took this from my IG- look at all the people who showed support, just by changing their avi on FB! That wasn’t even everyone!
I’m so upset I lost all the photos that people sent me of them rocking their orange on my phone :-(. But not this year!)

Please help me this year, and #WearOrange4CRPS 😉

Thank you so much!

Heather Lynn


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