Color changes during a flare..yuck

Hey everyone!

It’s things like this, that are hard for me to share…. But I feel that it’s necessary, so you can see that CRPS/RSD is NOT always an “invisible” illness.

Click here for my most recent update that I’ve shared:
(It’s not all good) 😦

This video shows you what it looks like IN THE BEGINNING of a flare… Eventually it goes up to my mid calf, sometimes up to my knees.

Both feet are also usually involved.

But you can watch my feet change colors right before your eyes, as well as my toes spasming 😦

It’s very painful.

(Both feet are flared up. Can you guess which side feels like I have severe frost bite? And which one feels like it’s on fire?!)

Heather Lynn

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3 thoughts on “Color changes during a flare..yuck

  1. msgranger says:

    I was wondering if I could use the pictures of the ribbons & RSD/CRPS from here? I also have RSD/CRPS & I’m trying to help spread awareness on Facebook at Chronic Pain Support Group of Upstate NY, as well as, my personal page & at patients like You’re an inspiration! Always remember tat you are


    • Heather Lynn says:

      Aw. Thank you so much for the kind words<3
      It's things like this, that help remind me why I am doing this. 🙂
      Yes, go for it! 🙂 if you wouldn't mind attaching my blog with the photo,I'd appreciate it!
      I hope all is well, and you have a low pain weekend! ❤
      Heather Lynn


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