Understanding pain as an overprotective friend

This blog post is fascinating.
And they actually developed Compartment syndrome (which is no joke!) my brother had it when he was 15, and he had no trauma to the body.
He now has a scare from his thigh down to his knee. He had 3 surgeries in one week! It was an emergency surgery. They said if we would have waited 30 more min, he would have lost his leg.
The first surgery, the incision from his hip to his knee, 3 inches open! The second surgery, they closed it by 1 inch. And the third surgery, they closed it up.
I felt so bad for my 15yr old brother.
Now, he’s been diagnosed with some very rare syndrome that involves your blood vessels…..hmmmm.. My family goes trough the WEIRDEST/UNCOMMON/and PAINFUL things! Ive had CRPS (Complex Regional pain syndrome)
Anyhoot- I love this post, and im really excited to read the rest of this blog! I think you should too!
Heather Lynn

Sunlight in Winter

grand canyon

Let’s say you’re sightseeing at the Grand Canyon.  You are with a trusted friend enjoying a scenic overlook when notice your friend is walking a little bit too close to the edge of the cliff.

“Hey, watch out!” you say.  You can see that no one else is standing that close to the edge.  Your friend keeps going.

“Hey!” you shout.  “I think you’re too close!”  Your friend still keeps going.

You start to panic.  Your pulse races.  You’re starting to get a picture, in your mind, of what it would look if your friend actually fell over the edge.  “OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” you scream at the top of your lungs.

This is a metaphor that my favorite pain researcher Neil Pearson uses to explain how pain works.  Pain is like a friend that’s trying to protect you, and if you ignore it, it will get…

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