CRPS Tool box: StudioSox

Hey Ladies!!

There is a special product that I’d like to share with you today.
I contacted a company in California after coming across their website a month ago.

As I’ve mentioned in my blog, I was diagnosed with Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in March 2012. It’s a syndrome that affects the sympathetic nervous system. Mine developed after breaking my foot. For more information, please go to my other blog, (which shares how it’s been, living with this debilitating condition).

Anyhoot! As of now, there is only one pair of shoes that I can wear, without the pain getting so bad, I black out. Skechers “GoWalk’s” are the shoes that I am talking about.
– One downside to these shoes, is that they aren’t very stylish(Or at least not my style).And you can’t really wear socks with them, unless you’re wearing pants to cover top part of the shoes. With my CRPS, I have to wear socks with any type of shoes.
So, I’ve been in a dilemma for a while now!

This is why I am extremely happy I came across!

As it states on StudioSox’s website:
“STUDIOSOX® is the preferred footwear of professional and devoted movement enthusiasts: Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Gyrotonics and Martial Arts.
STUDIOSOX® are available in three styles: Tabi, Open and Closed Toes with a non slip, no skid sticky tread for performance, hygiene and style.”

Now, I am not currently able to do yoga, Pilates,Dance,etc. BUT! I can 100% see how women LOVE wearing these “Sox”, while they are working out!

I think it’s important to share with you, how CRPS affects your skin, as well as body temp.
before I go on…

After reading the photo above, you may have a better idea of why a pair of socks that are very thin, light weight, AND have tread on the bottom(so I don’t slip and fall) are PERFECT for me! I can easily say that “StudioSox” are a new favorite product of mine! And definitely a must have, for those of you who have CRPS/RSD in your lower limbs!

For those of you who are into Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts,etc… I HIGHLY recommend you try these socks! They have 3 different styles:

And each serve their own purpose! Go ahead to their website and click on the different styles, you’ll see the different descriptions/purposes right there! 🙂

You should also check out their Facebook page! By clicking here:

Overall, “StudioSox” will be something that I recommend to anyone and everyone! Well… When it comes to Ladies! Hehe!

I want to personally thank Candace Fair, for sending me a couple pair of these awesome “sox”. They have truly made a difference with the shoes that I wear! I have also noticed that they don’t add additional heat to my feet, as a CRPS flare approaches. Thank you so much!

Thank you for stopping by! Come back very very soon! 🙂
Heather Lynn

Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored post. I did receive two pair of Studio Sox, after contacting the owner and explaining my health condition. StudioSox did NOT ask/require me to write this recommendation. I wrote this post because I feel this product should be shared, due to its great quality. It is also important to me to share, in hopes that it may help others with the same condition as me.*Results may vary!*
Everyone is different, regardless of the reason for using the product.


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