“What the Hell’s RSD?”

Ok… If there is any blog post to read right now.. It’s this one. It’s an hilarious way of looking at what CRPS fighters deal with,when trying to explain what CRPS/RSD is. Lol. Genius.


It’s a question we’ve all been asked – What’s wrong with you?” Unfortunately for folks like me the answer just elicits more inane questions.

“What the hell is RSD?”

Generally, this is the first reaction from everyone, doctors included (though in the case of the latter it’s typically shortly followed by “Wait, where’re you going?”); and, unfortunately, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy isn’t considered a decent enough answer.

At this point, you have four options.

Option One

If you find the querying person to be annoying, irritating or particularly thick, be careful, a straight answer may be more trouble than it’s worth. In this case you may want to go with Option One – change the subject.

If this fails, just walk away; your nerves are aggravated enough as it is, no need to add to it.

Option Two

You may choose to be strictly scientific. Depending on your audience this will have…

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