The day that changed America

The day that changed America.

9/11/01. America was under attack, and at the end of the day, the terrorists accomplished their goal. The loss of so many Americans,and the way they lost their lives is horrific.
They also put so much fear in our minds.

At the same time, 9/11 was the first time,in my lifetime… That I saw America come together. The last thing on anyone’s mind were politics, the color of your skin, someone’s social status,etc. The agenda was to help. Help anyone who needed it.
Then, revenge kicked in. Both Men and Women joined the military, to protect our country. Personally, I know at least 20 of my friends joined the military straight out of high school.
I was 19 years old when a friend of mine died. This friend was over in Iraq, serving our country, protecting us. He will never be forgotten, along with all of our fallen heroes.

Everyone remembers where they were on September 11,2001 around 9-10am (est). I was home “sick”(I was really just trying to avoid a math test). I woke up 5 min after the first plane hit the twin towers, as I was watching the nightmare on TV, I watched the 2nd plane hit. They I heard about the Pentagon and the plane that crashed in PA.
I was extremely scared. I was a 14yr old freshman in high school, not understanding what was going on….and I live 12 miles away from Washington, DC.

Where were you on 9/11/01?

My father, an Army veteran, works at NICoE with the Wounded Warriors. Every Wednesday, the Wounded Warrior Project stands outside and gives the wounded warriors and their family members who are staying at NICoE some WWP T-shirts, bags,hats,etc!

Last Wednesday, my Dad brought me home a Wounded Warrior Project hat. Although I do love my hats, I wanted to give this hat to someone else. Along with a goody bag!

At 11:09pm (est), I am going to choose someone to give this hat & goody bag too!
( I wanted to do it at 9:11, but it’s almost 9pm now)
This hat, to me, represents 9/11’s 12 year anniversary.
If you, or someone you know, is either in the Military (currently or a vet), a fire fighter, Police officer, EMT, or any other profession, where you are risking your life for others on a daily basis… Then you are eligible to get this hat (along with a goody bag).

**How do you enter?**
Well..that’s super easy!
-If you have a twitter, make sure you share this post on twitter and tag @aBlondeBabe (or RT the tweet from my account)
– If you have FB, share this post on your Facebook page, as well. is my page, give it a like! (You know you want too 😉 hehe)
– If you don’t have twitter or Facebook, leave a comment on this post! Share who you think this hat should go to (You or a friend),along with your/your friends profession. And of course, your email so I can contact you!

Thank you all for taking time to read this post.
Go ahead and check out the rest of this blog too! It’s awesome 😉

PS: Did you know that CRPS/RSD was first discovered in the Civil war?Many Wounded Warriors at that time developed CRPS. Now, OVER 50% of our heroes that come back from the war, are diagnosed with Chronic pain. A majority of those, develop CRPS/RSD.

If your asking, why is she bringing this up?!
I am bringing this up because this blog is a personal blog, where I share what it’s like,living with CRPS/RSD. Please check it out!

Heather Lynn

(^ please take some time to read Jen and my story)



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