2 CRPS sisters with 1 goal

Hey everyone!

This post is in regards to the new www.gofundme.com that Jen and I set up.

We decided to join forces and do this together because there is power in numbers! Time is not something that Jen or myself (Heather) have. Working together seemed like our best option. We both have completely different stories, but we have the same debilitating condition, and time isn’t either of our friends anymore. Below, are summaries from both of us, sharing our overall health status as of now, and why we are in desperate need of raising these funds.
We will both keep you guys updated on here, as well as on www.hopeforyourcause.org!

Please read our stories below, along with our personal goals!

Thank you again!

Heather’s Story:
On March 22,2012, I was taking down a David Beckham poster, when I was done,I hopped off the futon, did some weird Dance move,and landed on my foot as it was turned to the side.
-Now, 18 months later, it has spread 100% into my other foot, as well as my arms. I’ve tried numerous treatments, but my body isn’t responding to them like they should.
-Two months ago, I had an MRI done of my RT foot (the foot that I broke). They ended up finding Bone Marrow Edema in two separate areas.
There are ways to treat Bone marrow edema. The common treatments that are very effective to get rid of the bone marrow edema, would negatively affect my CRPS.
At this moment, we are trying a “Bone Stimulator” to treat the Bone marrow edema. That’s the only thing the Doctor could offer.
-I have a feeling that if we can heal the edema inside my bones, my body would respond to the treatments. And ultimately remission can happen!
-Time is not in my favor though. My insurance is dropping me in November bc I am turning 26. I can’t work a real job, so I haven’t had any income for 18 months.
– Getting the Calmare Therapy is my last hope.
For more info/updates about my story, go to hopeforyourcause.org

Jen’s story:

I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS 8 years ago after an accident and it has completely changed my life. I went from being healthy, independent, having a great job, owning my own house and being able to help others to where I am at today.

Since my diagnosis my CRPS has spread from my lower left leg, to my left entire leg, left side of the back, shoulder, and now due to lack of medical attention my left arm. I’ve also developed a thyroid condition which has spiraled out of control. I’ve lost my job, friends, financial security and last year my house: which has led me to where I am today.
I moved out to AZ last year. Since then my health has taken a turn for the worse and no health insurance or support here which is why I am desperate to get back to my DR’s and support system in PA. I’ve never been one to ask for help, but I can’t deny the situation I am in and the desperate help I need.

Both of us are CRPS fighters who could really use your help.
We both have a goal we need to reach very soon.

**Jen’s goal is to be able to move back home from AZ to PA, where her doctors are, as well as her support system. Her health is declining and needs to be under the care of her doctors and the ones who support her.
*$500 to get car ready for drive back to PA hauling a Uhaul (brakes, tires, oil change).
*$500 for the Uhaul rental
*$1200 for gas, food and lodging for trip
*$ 300 for Storage for 3 months while I get settled
*$300 for a bed for where I’ll be staying
*$500 for Dr and meds first mont until I get insurance/job
*$1,000 misc. for the 30 day transition period after the move.
(And possibly during the move. In case the Uhaul is more expensive, or any of the other obstacles that may pop up)

Total goal amount: **$4,500**

Jen and I <~ photo with both of us, as well as the flyer we are passing around. Feel free to pass it around as well!

*Heather’s Goal: is to be able to travel up to NJ for 10-12 days, to go see Dr.Cooney and receive Calmare Therapy. Which has an 85% success rate.
It’s a lot cheaper than HBOT, and is only 10 days long, instead of 35-40 days.
*Calmare Therapy= $2,500
For a 10 day treatment.
* Travel expenses (Hotel & and airfare/or gas for the drive up there) = est. $1,500
* Misc.= $500 help cover medical bills and medications during the couple of months when I won’t have health insurance (Effective: November)
Total Goal amount: **$4,500**

Total for both girls: $9k!

Please go to www.hopeforyourcause.org to see more details/our stories!
You’ll see our names on the top of the site. Click on our names, and you’ll see posts by us!


Thank you all so much for reading this! If you would like to contact us for any reason, please email CRPSsisters@gmail.com!
Follow us on twitter too!
Jen: @LilMissJen23
Heather: @aBlondeBabe

Ps: You are able to donate any amount you’d like, please don’t let the raffle packages confuse you! Every dollar counts!

PPS: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Heather as soon as possible at hope4yourcause@gmail.com to receive more details.

Becoming a sponsor does NOT mean you need to donate a large amount of money. We are currently looking for items/services that we can put in our raffle as well! Anyone who donates their services and/or items for our raffle, is automatically listed as a sponsor/supporter! Your business would receive a lot of promotion on www.hopeforyourcause.org, www.heatherstreasure.com, and www.Letsrocktheribbons.com.

As well as all social media sites (Twitter, FB, Tumbler, and Pinterest)

Thank you again for your support!

The link to our gofundme.com account is www.gofundme.com/CRPSsisters please feel free to share this link! We will be posting updates,photos,etc. as much as we can. Thank you.


Heather & Jen


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