Science teacher and uncle of chronic pain patient talks about Calmare Therapy

Hey everyone! This is the treatment that I am trying to raise $$ for! It is the Calmare therapy, by Dr. Cooney in New Jersey.
After reading this particular post, it makes me want it even more!! I really think it will give me my quality of life back! My pain levels are consistently an 8-10 out of 10, if I had to “rate” it. I can’t work, and have no social life. I’m 3 months shy of being 26… I was 24 when I was diagnosed…
I’m watching people who I’ve grown up with, getting married,having kids, doing great in their careers. And I’m here, in my house, seeing how many movies i can watch on Netflix in a week. Alone.
Those of you with CRPS, please check this out and see if you think it would work for you too!

Thank you for coming by!
Hope all is well,
Heather Lynn

Calmare NJ USA

camare foot image with leadsSomeone was kind enough to forward this post they saw on the Internet that mentions me.   I know who wrote it but I am happy to respect he and his family’s privacy. I found his methodology for discovering a drug-free solution for his niece’s pain very forthright and objective. Hope you don’t mind me sharing his point-of-view:

I am a science teacher and got involved in researching options when I heard that my niece was going through this awful pain and was on track to get a spinal cord stimulator.  Since I am very good at researching, I dove in for a few months and started looking for alternatives. Read about ketamin (looked risky), different kinds of drugs (side effects, and don’t address the underlying issue), saw the long term studies on spinal cord stims (the only randomized, controlled study was not so good long term, and it has…

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