CRPS fighters needed

Hey Maria!
Yes! I would love to!
I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing this comment in a post. I saw you write “Hi Everyone”, so I’m assuming this is okay 🙂

*Those of you with CRPS/RSD, please read this message below!*
If you’d like more information about Maria’s story book, and/or want to participate in it, Please EMAIL HER! Using the email address provided.

I think it’s a great idea! Anything to help spread awareness, is a priority in my book!
Make sure you click on the event link that she has attached!
Thank you all!
Heather Lynn


Hi Everyone:

I am on a New and Exciting Journey and would like to share it with the World through assembling an Inspirational CRPS Story Book with YOUR HELP!
We will have the ability to share 50 different creative views to reach out to touch someone.
We will bring CRPS Awareness to the World through OUR EYES!
Like I said I can only do this with your help.
If you are interested in putting your story in the Inspirational Story Book that I am assembling.





6 thoughts on “CRPS fighters needed

  1. Colleen says:

    Good Morning !!!! I just was reading some of the info and the stories.. I am inspired even more now to get information to the general public about this disease.. Yes it changes our lives, however it doesn’t have to control us. I know for me I was devastated..Now, my outlook is daily and I do everything I can to keep balance in my body ,, good days and bad days, however I consider myself a lucky fighter… I could be worse , I am looking to see a doc close to me that does CALMARE, a non invasive treatment, I personally can’t do any surgeries… Not that they would help..I prefer “alternative” therapies… So glad I found this blog.. Blessings in light and love..


    • Heather Lynn says:

      I am so happy that my blog has provided inspiration ❤
      Thank you for putting a smile on my face. 🙂
      Calmare is actually the treatment that I am going for as well. With Dr. Cooney in NJ. What doctor are you going to go see?
      I hope your day is going well, and you're having a low pain day<3
      Love, Heather Lynn


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