CRPS 101: for Beginners

CRPS 101:


Hey Everyone!

For those who are looking for information about CRPS/RSD, this post is for you! The content in this post is by Keith Orsini, the Founder of RSDhope. RSDhope is 1 out of the 2 National Organizations that represents CRPS. So, make sure you check out! They have some of the most up to date information on CRPS, studies, treatments , etc!

This post does NOT contain all of the content that Keith wrote on his website. I am just providing you with a small snippet, along with the direct link to the full article! If you have any questions, PLEASE ask! Leave a comment on this post, and I will get back to you!

Thank you
Heather Lynn!

Beginners Guide to CRPS

Author: Keith O.
The direct link to this post is:
Right here

“Let’s face it, any chronic pain disease is life-altering.
But CRPS is chronic pain squared!
-It affects the entire family and it needs to be treated that way right from the start, everyone needs to be involved.
*So the information in this article, and on the pages of this website for that matter, is meant for the entire families eyes, not just the patients.*

**For many of you it is probably an eye-opening experience. You learn at one fell swoop**;

1) A name for the pain you have been experiencing; CRPS or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome formerly known as RSD.

2) That the pain is not all in your head as some may have alluded to, or maybe even have said to you directly!

3) You are not alone, there are millions of others like you suffering from the same disease.

4) CRPS is ranked as the most painful form of Chronic Pain that exists today!

5) A diagnosis of CRPS is NOT the end of the world and life does go on.

6) There are many others with this disease who are more than willing to help you through your struggle.

7) That some of the strange things you have been experiencing; short-term memory loss, lack of concentration, insomnia, inability to find the right word when talking, noise/vibration causing you pain, the simple touch of a loved one causing pain, being more irritable, etc.; are all part of your CRPS!

*There are many more things you will learn over time, if you wish. Maybe you just want to be on the outskirts and pick and choose which information interests you. That’s fine too. This is family, make yourself at home. I know I speak for our entire Board of Directors when I say “Welcome to our RSDHope Family!.” We do things a little differently around here as you will learn.*

Please click here to read the full article on!


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