Auction items for “OHH”

Hey y’all!

This post is to talk about “Auction Items for OHH” (OHH= Operation Heal Heather)

*I know I’ve posted on here a few times,But, I’m trying to get items together for an online auction so I can raise $ to receive some effective treatment for my CRPS.*

(This was a painful “Frostbite” type of flare! Ugh. They do not always feel like they’re on fire! Sometimes it’s the complete opposite)

Here’s a “Fire Flare”! It was also a really
Bad night on my last 3 toes. (They’re in a constant spasm when the flares are like this. Inflammation gets really bad as well)

As of now, HBOT is out of the question because of the costs. So, I’ve been looking into Calmare therapy.
HBOT= 30-40 days/sessions & $250 a session at a center in FL.
Calmare= 10 days long at a center in NJ.- The initial therapy is $2,500. But I will need “Boosters” every couple months. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
Both treatments are far away from Maryland, I will need to get a hotel room and arrange transportation. Which is why I set the goal amount for 4k. $2,500 for the actual treatment and $1,500 for travel and possible extra medical expenses.
**I would rather receive HBOT, but realistically prefer Calmare therapy**

My medical bills are racking up,but I’m not even focused on that. I’m focused on getting better. My health insurance is dropping me in November :-(. (Not a good birthday present!)
So,I’m trying to figure something out before I no longer have health insurance.
I dont have info on the online auction bc I need more items… Once I’m able to get a few more items together, I will look into what site to use for the auction!
– The items do not need to be shirts.
(But they can be! Who doesn’t love shirts?)
-If anyone has anything they’d like to donate, I’d be beyond grateful.

**THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Chivers who have donated shirts for the auction from**
Thank you to Hoppe Jewels for the awesome bracelet in honor of
As well as to! 🙂
Y’all rock! for my blog! Check it out! is my gofundme account.<3
CRPS sucks ass!!

As of now…
Goal: $3,500- $4,000
For: Calmare therapy

Thank you all so much!!
Heather Lynn



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