Ketamine and Calmare Therapy

Hey everyone!
Those of you who read my blog, know that I’ve been trying to raise money to receive HBOT treatments. Well, I can’t raise that much money alone.
So I started to do more research on other types on treatments,that doesn’t include surgery.
I found something called Calmare Therapy by Dr. Cooney in New Jersey.
Many of you know that I have had 2 ketamine infusions, so this is something that I am 95% sure about doing.
I will be doing an update about everything going on tomorrow. Thank you!
Check out this post!
Heather Lynn

Calmare NJ USA

By Dr. Michael J. Cooney, Program Director, Calmare Therapy NJ

I’ve frequently been asked by patients if they can undergo Calmare Therapy after or in conjunction with Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Before I respond, let me offer a little background on Ketamine. For RSD, CRPS and fibromyalgia sufferers, Ketamine therapy is sometimes recommended for temporary chronic pain relief. It is an NMDA blocker that shuts down pain signals coming from the brain and then reboots the brain without the pain signal. Published successful outcome statistics for RSD patients is less than 50%, as an average. Boosters are necessary every two – three months and the cost averages about $2,000/ treatment. Each treatment takes about four to five hours. Some patients experience significant side effects from this drug, including hallucinations, nausea, extreme fatigue and ‘claw hand’ syndrome.

If you have undergone Ketamine treatment without a successful outcome, you can still be…

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