HLynn’s Treasure Bin!

Hey Everyone!

I am in the process of making another website (which will be up and running by Sunday! 7/14). It’s called “Heather Lynn’s Treasure Bin!”, and will have a wide range of items available for purchase!

There will be items in HLynn’s Treasure Bin that I’ve personally made, items that have been donated**, as well as items of mine that have never been worn!
Before my injury, modeling took up a large portion of my time for 3-4 years! Through out those years, I have collected A LOT of clothing, accessories,and heels! Since it doesn’t look like I will be modeling in my near future, and I have a closet full of heels and clothing that I’ve never worn… I am putting the items in the Treasure bin!


**The Companies and those of you who have donated items, to raise money for my CRPS/RSD expenses, I can’t express how grateful I am to have your support! Thank you so much!!**

**ALL businesses who contributed in any way is featured on my new website**

*An online Auction is still in the works! I am still in the process of collecting items! A date is TBD- and will be announced very soon!*

-If you would like to donate an item/services, please email me at hope4yourcause@gmail.com! Thank you so much!

Contributions can also go to:

Thank you all so much for everything. I am so humbled and beyond grateful. ❤

**One of the items that I have been making, and am now taking custom orders, are items made with Tulle!**

These items include: TuTu’s (for Infant and Toddlers), Wreaths, Hair pieces,etc.!

-The TuTu’s on the top section of that photo, are TuTu’s I’ve made!
* The Wreaths, Hair pieces, and TuTu’s on the bottom section, are just examples pulled from google images! I did NOT make those! I added them to this post, to share ideas! I am able to make any of the above & many more!

+ Favorite sports team colors
+ A special little girls favorite colors!
+ Holiday colors!
+ Favorite characters (Cartoons,etc)
+ Anything for any occasion!

Email me if you’re interested in ordering one or more of the items I just mentioned!
– Once I receive your order, you will receive a price quote from me!

*If you’re ordering a TuTu, I will need the infant/toddlers: Age, weight, height, and waist size. Along with the colors/theme you’d like me to use!*
From there, I will be able to provide a price for you!
(Size, # of colors, length of TuTu, will determine the price of the TuTu).
-*Make sure you add if you’d like a custom hair piece, and/or a matching onesie/top. I will provide the prices to those individually as well!*

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Heather Lynn

ALL proceeds will be going towards my treatments & medical expenses for CRPS/RSD
Email me:Hope4yourcause@gmail.com!



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