Team “OHH!”

Hey everyone!! 🙂

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about my “Fight like a girl club” fundraiser! Please check it out if you haven’t yet!
Although, I’m sure all the info you need to know,is on here too! 😉

I did post an update of my overall health on the first, you can read that by clicking this link:
(It’s important to read,to show why it’s so important for me to get this fundraiser going) thank you 🙂
I am currently looking for individuals who would like to be apart of my team!

It would mean the world to me if you could help me, by being apart of “Team OHH!” 😉
Heheh catchy right?
OHH!= Operation Heal Heather! 🙂

There are a couple things I love about this fundraiser!
One, is people are able to purchase whatever colors they want,that represents a cause that affects them, which helps to spread awareness about that specific cause.
Two, While they are rocking their cause, they have also helped me in a huge way!
(ex: Pink= Breast Cancer, Purple= Lupus/Fibro, etc)
**At the end of this post will be a list with the awareness colors & its causes!**

Please check out their website at!

(One of their awesome posters)

As a “team member”, all you’d need to do it share the flyers/items that are for sale to everyone you know!
The more items “Team OHH!” sell, the more money I am able to raise for my treatments!

*ALL members on “Team OHH!” Will receive a special handmade gift, made by me of course!*
**The Team member who is able to sell the most, will receive a special gift basket!**

(In this post, are flyers that FLAGC sent me! They also sent me “Ink saver” versions,which I will email you! So you’re able to print them out! 🙂 )

(The form above, is the only form that each team member needs to print out! This form is what people will write their orders on!)


*I recently emailed FLAGC to figure out the easiest way for people to purchase items for my fundraiser,if they don’t live in the same state as myself, or any of my team members. (I figured PayPal would be easiest)*

– Turns out, they are launching a new fundraising tool this week! People will receive a special link (specifically for whatever fundraiser they are raising money for) and people can order right online!
*They will process and ship each order!*

((BUT! We will talk about that more, once the time comes,and that option is available!))

**IMPORTANT! Between myself and my team, 40+ items must be sold, in order for me to receive the 40% of each sale,go to my treatment**
(The Internet orders are NOT included in that statement above)

Here are the items below!! 🙂

**If you see anything you want, PLEASE email me at!**

(the original FLAGC logo T-shirt)

(FLAGC “Side wrap” logo T)

(The Men’s FLAGC T shirt. Could be worn for your GF, Wife, Mother, Best friend,etc!)

Below, is a chart from, sharing the different awareness colors that represent each cause! You can pick whatever cause(s) you want to rock! 🙂

**Again, if you’d like to purchase any of the items you see above, please email me at! 🙂 **

If you’d like to help me, by becoming a member of “Team OHH!”… Please contact me ASAP so I can email you the printable Flyers with the items,as well as the order form!
*(You can call/Text if you have my number! Or you can message me on FB/Twitter! And of course… You can always email me at!)*
– As of now, there is 1 member on Team OHH! I’d love to have 5-10 members! 🙂

Thank you everyone! And I look forward to hearing from you!!

Heather Lynn



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