Fight Like a Girl fundraiser

Hey everyone!

I hope you had the chance to read my update (as of 7/1/13). If you haven’t, please read it when you get the chance <3.

I am trying everything, to raise the funds needed for HBOT treatments, in hopes for remission. (My update explains why HBOT is becoming more and more of my only option).

*Fight like a Girl club* is one of my all time FAVORITE non-profits! They have been for a very long time! I first discovered them, a few years ago when I started! Their website is an outlet for fighters, survivors,caregivers,etc. to those who are effected by cancer and/or any other chronic disease/illness. I HIGHLY suggest you check them out! (* I have asked them if I could write for them, representing CRPS/RSD on a regular basis! Wish me luck!*)

( One of their awesome posters!)

They also provide help, for those who really need it by helping to host a Fundraiser!
So! That’s what I’m doing! Below, you will see flyers with items to purchase!
**You can choose ANY color you want, and rock any cause you want! Although orange is CRPS/RSD’s awareness color- you do NOT need to choose a color to represent CRPS!**

Below, is a chart that is on Fight like a girl club’s website! It shows you the many different causes,and what the awareness color is for it! I am sorry in advance if the color for your cause is not available.

This fundraiser means a lot to me,not just because it is giving me an opportunity to raise funds to get treatment. But it’s giving others the opportunity to purchase something to represent a cause that affects them (either personally or for a loved one), knowing that a portion of the profit will be helping me as well.

**IMPORTANT**: I am looking for people who would like to be on my “team”.
By “team”, I mean individuals who would be willing to help me sell these items. I’d forward you the forms that FLAGC sent me (Order forms). As well as the flyers they emailed me, to be printed out (and save ink). They are just like the ones below!
If I am able to get a team together,then I have a higher chance at raising funds. I need to be able to sell AT LEAST 40+ items, to see any results.
If you are on my team, all you would need to do is ask your friends, family, co workers, followers on twitter/FB/IG/etc. If they’d like to help raise funds for a CRPS fighter,by purchasing items that represent a cause that effects them!**

*If you would like to be apart of my team, it would mean the world to me. I don’t have anyone in my team 100% yet. I will also have a special gift basket (w/all handmade items that you will love) for every person on my team,as a special thank you.*

If you are interested, please contact me ASAP!! If you follow me on twitter (@aBlondeBabe), then let me know on there and I will provide you more info! The same goes for Facebook! (public profile)
Or, if you are on my private account,then of course, contact me on there.

*If you do not have either, please email me at* (I’ve noticed that I don’t always receive my emails, or I’ll receive them days later) I’m not sure if its because I check it on my phone or not. If you plan on emailing me,please leave a comment on here,letting me know! So I know to look out for your email. 🙂

Thank you so much! And I really hope I can get a team together. ❤

Below are the items available for purchase! If you are interested in purchasing any of these items and/or any of your friends/family, please contact me!
(Again… On here by leaving a comment- leaving your email address, twitter,Facebook, or email: )


(Choose any color(s) you want!)

(FLAGC side wrap logo T!)

(Men’s Shirts!)

If you’re interested in ordering any of the above, I have an order form for you to fill out. And you will be paying through PayPal.(unless you order in person- With myself or a member of my team!) In that case, you will fill out the very short order form, and give the money in person. 🙂

*If you have any questions, please leave a comment on here, I will reply with the answer! Who knows, others may have the same question!* 😉

Thank you all sooooooo much! And I hope that you all check out!

❤ Heather Lynn



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