CRPS tool box: Helpful Tips!


So…I was searching the Internet to get some information on a doctor that I am supposed to see at the end of the month,and I found an awesome site!

*(Side note: whether you have a health condition or not,ALWAYS google a new doctor you are going to go see! 9 times out of 10, there will be reviews from their patients on there. ESPECIALLY if they have bad reviews! Doing this may save you a trip to a doctor with horrible bed side manner,or w/e reason they suck!)*

With CRPS/RSD, we have specific things that trigger a “flare up”. For me,I know exactly what my triggers are,at least for now. (Things change everyday)
My #1 trigger for a flare, is weather! Ugh! If the temperature changes too much,too fast. When it rains, snows, if it’s foggy,humid…etc. My feet automatically flare up,then my arms shortly follow.

This isn’t just with CRPS/RSD, Arthritis, Fibro, etc… So this tool would work for you too!

“The Aches and Pains weather checker”

Here is the link!

See where it says “**Pressure**?”
– That’s the first thing I look at. Notice how it says 30.18 and *falling*?
~ Well,for me, that means “Heather..if you’re not feeling it yet, expect to start feeling a flare VERY shortly!”
Grrr! But! I rather know why Im flaring.

Another recommendation I have for those of you who have chronic pain, Migraines, etc. Download the **My pain Diary** app, on your iPhone (and possibly an android- I am not sure if the android version is available yet).

This app is beyond amazing! I could go on forever about all the things this app can do,and benefit you. I highly suggest you either check your App Store and/or google **My pain diary** and you can see the awesome features available with this app!

I hope everyone has a great week!
Thank you!
Heather Lynn


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