Operation Heal Heather

Hey everyone!

Thank you to all who have donated to my gofundme.com/LRTR2013 ! I have been raising money in hopes to receive HBOT treatments ASAP. My father,who works in the medical field with the military, found out about something called **Alpha-Stim**. Although the cost was pretty high, the benefits are amazing (if it works well).

The donations so far were put to great use! (CRPS fighters- LOOK INTO ALPHA-STIM!)

-The only word that explains how I feel, is humbled.
*Because of you, my quality of life has the potential to change for the better.*
There are no words to express my gratitude.
*Thank you*

Although the Alpha-Stim was expensive, I got the newest model w/some extra pieces, that will benefit not only my CRPS, but hopefully the arthritis in my lower back as well.(Which they recently found in an MRI).
So,that’s the good news!
-Even if it just helps with my Sleep,anxiety,and depression (all caused by the CRPS) ..
Will make a significant difference!
When I actually do sleep,it’s because the meds + exhaustion have kicked in. So I’ll get 3-5hrs of “medicine sleep”.

**CRPS fighters do not get REM sleep. Which is when your body heals/Restores itself.**

I haven’t had a good dream in over a year. By those 3 things improving, even by just 30%, would make a huge difference in my quality of life. Hopefully it will help w/my pain too.
**The CRPS is in all 4 limbs,not just my feet-but my legs too. As well as my lower back.**

(My first flare up involving both arms)

*Have you found somewhere to get it? Is it expensive?

-I found a facility in FL that offers HBOT,and the doctor is one of the top CRPS specialists in the country.

**The best part?**

-Their HBOT sessions are NOT $1,000 like I originally thought, because of a couple sites I read!
•In fact, $500 would pay for 2 sessions!

**The stumper…**
-1) I need between 30-40 sessions.
2) I live in Maryland.
3) I need to do 5 sessions a week,for a minimum of 4 weeks. After 20 sessions, we re-evaluate,and figure out how many sessions i need after that.

**Other than the money aspects.. What’s my other obstacle?**
-Housing and transportation while I’m down there. They said they’d recommend a couple hotels. They also said that many people rent condos for the month,while receiving treatments.
(which may be cheaper)

**Is all of this trouble worth it?**

-Yes! 100%! After all of my research & talking to others, HBOT is my last option to take,that does NOT include surgery or a lot of medications (that normally do more harm than good)

**Between the Alpha-Stim, HBOT, and my appointment with Doctor Paul Christo… I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s far away, and I’m going to need help and support. But I actually see it for the first time in a year.**

So! Now it’s back to **Operation get Heather HBOT treatments**!

**Please help me live again**<3

–If there is anything you can do to help,I’d greatly appreciate it! —
Is my fundraising site. I post updates about myself, info about CRPS, photos, etc.

–If you check out my last post about an auction, there are some ways you can help on there too! —

Thank you all again for all you’ve done. Everyone who has helped me, followed me through out my CRPS journey, and want to help in any way… You guys are my CRPS/RSD angels ❤
Love you all!
-Heather Lynn



7 thoughts on “Operation Heal Heather

  1. Heather Gilmore says:

    You know I love you girl and I’m here for you always. I’m ordering a few braclets and I know others that will too. I just need to talk to them.

    If they do more $$ for you! If not you know I’m here for you financially and as a RSD friend/angel. I hope that these treatments help you out a TON! I don’t want you to go through what I’ve been through although my treatments have been worth it. It’s different for everyone!

    Love the positive attitude. Keep your head up!

    Love ya,


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