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Hey everyone!

If you follow my blog/read my posts,then you know by now that I’m trying to raise money, so I can receive HBOT treatments for my CRPS (Complex Regional Pain syndrome). On March 22,2012, I was taking down a David Beckham poster, when I was done,I hopped off the futon, did some weird Dance move,and landed on my foot as it was flipped sideways?if that makes sense? Lol. (By the way,every time I see Beckham’s name,I cringe). Why?
Because that weird Jagger move I did,caused me to break my foot!

Which turned into CRPS/RSD. 😦
For more info on CRPS, go to!

Anyways! I’ve been trying to raise money for 3 months now, by using
(Thank you so much to those of you have donated!)

My next step is to do an online auction,which is going to start June 29th 2013 (last weekend of June). If the date changes,I will update everyone!
*I am still looking for items for the Auction!*
If you have something you’d like to donate/ know a company willing to be a part of the auction,please leave a comment on this post! (Or contact me on twitter= @aBlondeBabe or FB OR text me (if you have my #)

A sneak peak of some items:

> – a Couple Shirts from
(Thank you @ChiveOn_UK for donating the Chive Everywhere shirt!)
– a few shirts from (the BEST place to get funny shirts! They even have the flip up T’s! (I may have some in the auction 😉 hehe) thank you Pete!

– John Popper from Blues Traveler is donating a couple signed harmonicas! (I know..awesome,right!)

– Emily Hoppe from Hoppe Jewels has donated this awesome bracelet to auction off 🙂 (Chive Nation- you know you like this hehe) **Read more info about Hoppe Jewels below** 🙂

– secret items (can’t tell you everything that will be in the auction!) 😉

HBOT is NOT covered by insurance,which is why it’s so expensive. But I really feel like it’s going to work, and help me get my life back. I am determined to get into remission. And HBOT could give me that chance!
*If you’d like to help me get into remission, and help me get items for this auction,please let me know! Thank you so much!*

Another awesome thing going on this month is with the help of Emily Hoppe from Hoppe Jewels!

Emily is an amazingly talented jewelry designer! Her jewelry is worn by Celebrities and everyday people, like you and I!
Best part? It’s extremely affordable! I’ve seen many of her pieces being between $20-$30.
I have 3 bracelets,they are beautiful ,amazing quality,and 100% one of a kind!
Emily makes every piece by herself. She has a new Spring collection out,and a Summer collection coming very soon! She also takes custom orders!

She is doing something amazing for me this month!
Check this out!

Here are pieces from her spring collection-

To check out ALL of her amazing pieces, friend request her on FB, that’s where you can also request for a custom piece!
Facebook: Hoppe Jewels
Twitter : @Hoppejewels

*More Photos*

(One of mine! Made for!)

(yep! She makes jewelry for your favorite team!)

(Another one of mine! It’s orange for CRPS awareness!- ignore the writing underneath! This photo is from a couple months ago!)

**PLEASE ORDER SOME JEWELRY THIS MONTH! A portion of each sale will be donated to my fund for my treatments! **

Thank you so much for taking time to read this! If you have any questions or comments, please leave it on this post, or leave your email address so I can contact you! 🙂

Hope all is well!
Heather Lynn


12 thoughts on “Moves like Jagger-Auction-Jewelry

  1. Heather Gilmore says:

    Hey I read from somewhere that HBOT treatments are now being covered by insurance. Now how much, and I need to find it I will. Getting on it!


    • Heather Lynn says:

      I’d love to know what insurance she has! She must have wicked good insurance lol. Bc it’s not FDA approved for CRPS yet. Once it is.. Insurance will hopefully cover it. Stinks we have to wait though
      ❤ ya Heather!
      Love,heather lol


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