Collecting items for auction

Hey everyone!

I’ve been thinking about doing an auction for a while now,I just didnt know if I was going to do it online,or at an event/meet up. Since my body can’t handle the stress of planning an event,& none of the chive meet ups around me wanted to do one, online it is!
I have couple Chive shirts (thank you @ChiveOn_UK for donating a chive shirt for me to auction off)

As well as some shirts from @Crazydogtshirts (thank you guys! You all rock!)!

– John Popper, from “Blues Traveler”, is an awesome friend of mine, is donating a couple signed harmonicas!

I am hoping to have some other items as well,if possible.

**Possibly some sports memorabilia, items w/ celebrity signatures, & other cool stuff! **
(I’m open to anything!)
*~If anyone can help me collect items, I would be so grateful! ~*
*This is going to help me pay for HBOT treatments for my CRPS.
None of the other treatments have worked. 😦
It has spread to all four limbs in a year.
Go to * * for information on CRPS/RSD.

Or check out my blog post called, “Definition: CRPS”.

There is some very useful information on HBOT treatments from RSD hopes website under “CRPS Treatments”! You should definitely check it out!

For now, click here,for info on HBOT & CRPS!

Im scared of it getting even worse and attacking my internal organs next.
Any help would be appreciated! has info, photos,updates,etc.

Thank you so much!
<3Heather Lynn




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