CRPS/RSD and Suicide

CRPS is also known as the “Suicide Disease”. This is because the pain is so debilitating,and with no cure… There is really no light at the end of the tunnel for many CRPS fighters. With that being said, many CRPS fighters get to the point where they just can not take the pain anymore.

Unless you personally have this syndrome,you truly do not understand how much pain your body can withstand and still be alive. Many of us try and describe the pain,or throw out the McGill pain scale score to provide something to compare the pain to. (CRPS lands at 45.5 out of 50 on the McGill pain scale. Which is above amputation of a limb(40/50) Childbirth w/out meds (32/50) chronic back pain 28/50,etc)
It’s recorded to be the most painful pain condition in the books.
Yet, why does no one know about it?!!? It drives me nuts!!!

Anyway, I wanted to reblog this post 1) bc it addresses an important topic regarding CRPS 2) I agree 100% with the blogger on this. (Btw-this blog should definitely be checked out! Extremely informative!)
3) if there is ANY CRPS/RSD angels/Fighters who has reached to this point, and are considering to do this, PLEASE know that there are people here to help you! And talk to you , provide you with coping mechanisms.
Please remember, in the past 5 years, treatments/ knowledge/Research/etc. have advanced dramatically! Not to mention, everyone’s hard work to spread awareness is starting to make a huge impact! All of this is getting us closer to a cure! If not a cure,atleast more effective treatments!
So keep holding on! Give hope chance to float! Because it will! We are fighters, and we will win this battle!
If you,or Someone you know with CRPS/RSD is having thoughts of suicide, please go to and, there are support groups/chats available 24/7, going through the same things as you,they know the pain you feel. Talking to them will only help you.
Don’t let CRPS defeat you. We are strong people! We will kick CRPS’s ass!(pardon my French) BUT! It’s the truth! 😉
Again- check out this blog! There is a lot of great info!
Thank you so much!
Heather Lynn!

RSD Advisory- Where Chronic Pain & Depression Collide

Over the years we have heard that suicides for CRPS/RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) patients is the highest of all suicide rates.

This may not be as necessarily true as it seemed. This also does not entirely mean it’s false.

The following is an excerpt by the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA) –

Suicide and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
On June 23, 2012, Jill Harkany-Friedman, PhD, spoke to the RSDSA Board of Directors and invited guests on the topic of CRPS and Suicide Prevention. Dr. Harkany-Friedman is the Senior Director of Research and Prevention for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). RSDSA asked Dr. Harkany-Friedman to speak because of recent suicides in the CRPS community. She assured us that although most individuals have fleeting thoughts of ending one’s life, suicide is relatively rare (12 out of 100,000). Furthermore, 90% of those who die by suicide…

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5 thoughts on “CRPS/RSD and Suicide

  1. shazzagirl70 says:

    Thanks for your post Heather Lynn, always love to pop by and see what you are writing about. Hope today is a relatively good one for you. I see you are getting some help at Go Fund Me too…great news!


    • urockyourcause says:

      Hey! Thank you so much for checking up on my blog 🙂 that means a lot to me! It helps me know that I’m doing this ,and others are interested in reading it 🙂
      Thank you so much. I hope all is well ❤
      Heather Lynn 🙂


  2. Kessie A. Amponsah says:

    In the middle of a flare up….lost 3 buckets of water last night for no discernable reason. Feeling bad, beat up by three people last night and I just woke up type bad. Your words help. They help enormously. I have had CRPS type 2 since I was 13. Gabapentin has removed the desire to die for the moment and replaced it with a reason to live. It doesnt stop flare ups but does change the frequency of the pain so its becomes tolerable. So I keep on trucking. Thank you Heather. Ki/Kessie


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