Can You See Me Now

This blog was made for others with chronic pain to use as an outlet. Whether its to express themselves, spread awareness, provide tips/tricks for everyday tasks,etc..

This post is by a CRPS angel who would like to remain anonymous, so when you see “Sundays letters”  under the categories (ex: Heather Lynn), please know that they are all from this amazing woman. A CRPS angel, a fighter, and someone who wants to share her story.

Thank you! And remember to Share and Make aware!

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Undeclared Truth: Can You See Me Now

I have to ask myself why I feel like I am a rag doll being thrown from one place to another. Don’t they see that I am in enough pain? I tell the doctor I am back on crutches in the morning and at night. My eyes burn and the left side of my face & neck go numb. I have problems swallowing and the doctor says what am I going to do about it? No one wants to take responsibility; the doctor keeps telling me it’s up to me. The Doctor then tells me he wants a note from my counselor and I tell the doctor he can call my counselor and he states “NO, You have him write me a note.” Am back in school? Are you kidding me? I have to laugh at this. Then he states he wants a note stating basically “What are my counselor and I doing to resolve the issues.” Have I turned into a hypochondriac? I sit alone so many times in my head no one can hear me. Can anyone see me now? Sometimes not even my other fellow RSDer’s hear me.


I am dying inside a little each day yet I am fighting to try to stay alive! Please hear my cry! The pain we bear no one knows. We burn like we are in frying pans. The touch of a sheet feels like it is cutting into my skin as if it was an axe. My eyes are on FIRE! This is just the beginning of birth. Knowing I am alive! Without having this pain how can I know empathy? How can I turn my pain around? Can YOU NOT SEE ME!! Should I change my name to cellophane? The Doctor may have had all the schooling I give him credit where credit is due. Please let’s remember I am living this disease 365 days a year 24-7 hrs a day. No one knows my body better than I. You may not see what is happening on a test. OH! Wait a minute! The Doctor will not do any test on me. I am the one screaming/crying /praying/talking to a friend / doing what it takes late at night, when everyone else is fast asleep safe in their bed with their loved one, to get through the night. Can you hear me now?




One thought on “Can You See Me Now

  1. shazzagirl70 says:

    Please pass on my thanks for this anonymous person is still incredibly brave to be able to put their thoughts out there. To be able to express raw emotions helps everyone realise they are not alone.


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