Heather Lynn:Update

Hey everyone!

Thought I would write you a quick update while I am still able to use my computer tonight!

The easiest was to update you, is to show you…..


I know… Disgusting right?

This all started with a broken right foot in March 2012. The sad part is? The photos do not even provide you with an accurate “look”.T

As I am sure you noticed, There are more limbs in the photo then my right foot. This is because it has now spread to all four limbs. My feet are the ones that I suffer the most pain with, while my arms do not flare as often.

My RT foot flares up EVERY night. I don’t sleep at night because of the pain, and once I do get to sleep, I do not go into a full REM sleep.Those with CRPS do not get the sleep needed for their body to heal. Which really sucks might I add! I havent had a good dream in over a year!

image (1)

If you want a wrist band, please email me at mmorheather[at]gmail[]com!

If you would like to help me raise the funds, so I am able to receive HBOT treatments, please click here!

I am very grateful for all who have donated. Thank you so much!

For more information about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, please go to www.RSDhope.org and www.RSDS.org 

13 - 3

Thank you again,


Heather Lynn


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