Foggy Day

Brain Fog… The worst.

Times when you’re going through brain fog- you feel dumb! But you’re not. Just remember that. ❤
Great poem and wonderful blog!
❤ Heather Lynn


Foggy Day

Today is a long day without clear direction,

I try to clear my mind but there is no correction.

My heart rate pounds and fatigue rolls in,

I try to “wake up” but must give in.

Today I must rest, even though I want to be active.

A hope for tomorrow to not take me captive,

reminds me the brain fog will pass,

and this tiredness will not last.

I must remember the Lord above,

And all that He promises through His love.

He will be with me through these foggy days,

And tomorrow He will carry me out of this glaze.

On these days with uncertainty, fear, and doubt,

I must remember what the gospel is all about.

Life is not always easy and times can be tough,

But the fog will clear, there will be Light from above.

Each day has blessings, no matter how small,

each day…

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