War hero becomes first US Veteran to receive double arm transplant (11 Photos)

Brendan ( @Bmarr86) is such an inspiration to many. @theCHIVE shared his story,along with every single media outlet in the nation, but for Chive Nation, there is a completely different outlook.
I have personally gotten to know Brendan through twitter, and I’m so happy for that! Now, we just need Gina ( my CRPS sister and his good friend) to come to Maryland,so we can cause some trouble! 🙂 hehe)
Please check out his story! And make sure you follow thechive.com- you won’t regret it. It provides me with my daily laughs, and amazing friends. *ChiveNation*
Heather Lynn



Brendan’s condition continues to improve. When I asked him about his health he said: “I’m doing great man. My fingers already move a little. I want to thank all the Chivers and beautiful Chivettes for the extraordinary support y’all have showed. It’s truly humbling to see. I’d also like to thank theCHIVE for bringing more awareness to situations like mine so we can get more help for our brothers and sisters wounded in combat.”

We’re the ones humbled, Brendan. As theCHIVE surges into 2013, we’re being led forward by the example of extraordinary Chivers who inspire all of us to be better people. Soldiers and sailors like yourself and Taylor Morris have raised the bar for all of us.

If you get a chance today, Chivers, drop Brendan a message on his Twitter Machine.

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