It’s a long, difficult road

This blog is a must follow! And this particular post is amazing! It describes some PT techniques for CRPS angels! Check it out! 🙂

Chronic Pain - The Stimulus Package

CRPS has no cure.  There are several treatments available, but not everything works for every one.  That’s what makes this condition so strange.

After I was finally diagnosed in February 2012, my doctor (You’ll know him as Dr. K) and I decided to be pretty aggressive with our treatment options.  He prescribed me several medications and asked me to come in for a Stellate Ganglion block.

This “nerve block” is an injection of steroids and local anesthetic into the sympathetic nerve tissue in the neck.  That sounds bad enough, but when I inquired more about this procedure, I was terrified!  You must lay completely still and be totally awake while the doctor inserts a LARGE needle into your neck right next to your voice box.  You can’t speak and you can’t move… if the procedure doesn’t go just so…. there could be some pretty serious side effects.

Thank goodness for…

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