CRPS and Working: A Personal History

This blog post brought me to tears.
I havent been able to work since I broke my right foot last march 2012… I have it in both feet and now both arms/hands.
Being 25yrs old,single, and living with your parents,not being able to work..And at the same time, loosing my “best friend” and close friends of 13+yrs,after i broke my a huge toll on me.
It’s amazing how quickly your entire life can change..literally in a blink of an eye. I don’t know where I’d be without my parents. They have been my support system,and I am now dependent on them again. But, it could be worse. I could have no one.
Thank you so much for sharing your story that relates to working.
I’d do anything to be able to wake up early,go and work a 9hr day…come home,and complain about my hectic day lol. ((I know-sounds crazy)) but it sounds amazing when your stuck in bed for a yr,with no end in sight.

I really hope you have been able to keep in contact with those you worked with, and connect in some way with your passion((there is always writing! 🙂 How To’s,Manuals,Etc.. For people who work there,so they receive the TLC that you provided!)
Anyway, I hope you don’t mind that I share your post. It’s very inspiring.
We will wake up one day,and we will not have CRPS on our mind 24/7! There will be a cure!
I hope all is well!

*Please check out this post! Along with the rest of the blog!*

Gentle hugs,
Heather Lynn

Attempting Perfection

I thought today I’d talk a little about my experiences with working and having CRPS. First thing you have to know about me is that I am as obstinate as a mule, and I’ve put that to work for me in my career before with positive results. So, my default reaction to something that makes work more difficult, or even threatens my career, is to stubbornly work harder at finding a solution, often exhausting myself in the process. Before CRPS, this tactic had never failed me.

When I sprained my ankle, I was working in my dream career field. I was an aquarist, which basically means I was a

Specimen of Acanthastrea lordhowensis photogra...

zookeeper for fish (and other aquatic animals). I had attended two additional years of school for this career after my Bachelor’s degree, and had interned at an aquarium in Spain, and then worked in New York City for several years…

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