Whats A best friend?

“Never take anything  for granted”, is something that is often told to people through out your lifetime. And its very true. That goes for your friends/family and for anything health related! I’ve learned all of that within a few months last year.


After breaking my foot last march, 2012..I noticed that all of my “Best friends” or “good friends” suddenly disappeared. They all disappeared at a time when I needed them most.

I have always been that friend that would drop everything I was doing to be there for a friend of 12+ years,if they needed me..

There was a time when my right foot was actually broken! And instead of resting it,and keeping it elevated, I rushed to “my best friends house” to babysit for her! Did that same friend ever come over to my house to see me? NO! It’s not easy to drive with a severely broken right foot, especially one that was developing CRPS2.

Has that same person even googled CRPS? I can 100% say, that I highly doubt she has…even a year later. If she did,then I think she would be much more understanding, and an actual friend. But, That was a year ago.. havent had a relationship with her since.

This is the same situation with many of my friends.

Now, if any of you are actually reading this, I do not feel bad for saying all that I have said. Apart of me wishes it would be a wake up call for you to actually take 2 minutes out of your day and actually research CRPS/RSD and here… I’ll even attach a photo or two of my feet! And now arms! It has spread to all four limbs. It’s never going away. And I am running out of treatments.





I was on RSDHope.org under “top 15 questions about CRPS/RSD”..and saw this


Many patients report this happens to them. Chronic illness is difficult enough for a patient to deal with, someone who has most of the facts and has a fairly good understanding of what is happening and what the disease or illness is all about. Loved ones and friends don’t usually have that luxury and/or don’t take the time to learn. Our behavior changes we don’t do the things we used to. We tend to be more introspective, we shy away from loud places, many changes take place for us. We are no longer able to work and our lives are so changes that to our family and friends we are a different person on the outside while on the inside we are screaming, “It’s still me!” The best ones will take the time to find out what is happening in your life and how they can help you, they will stick around. The others? Well, you can’t force someone to do the right thing.

Yes, we have an article that might help you here as well and we are working on Part two right now. The article is called “To The Friends and Families of CRPS/RSD Patients” but it could probably be sent to the loved one of any chronic pain patient.


I recommend everyone to read that letter written above. To those of you who I have not spoken to in a very long time,  although I have a disease that is known as the “suicide disease”, I am still here. I am still alive. I haven’t moved and I’m not allowed to work, so you know where to find me if you’d like.


Here is a link that explains CRPS…Click here.

Thank you for those who have been supportive, I am very grateful to have people like you in my life.

If you’d like more updates on me personally. photos, and info about the latest treatments, go to gofundme.com/LRTR2013

Hope all is well!

Heather Lynn




One thought on “Whats A best friend?

  1. Tracy says:

    I am so proud of you to put this out there.. It’s just shows how strong you are… Its hard to watch someone you love so much go thru this. It’s true, I don’t know what it’s like, and after I researched it, it made me not only cry but make me amazed at your courage. Day to day is brutal, but you will be the one that’s makes the rest of the world more aware of people with this condition. I love you!! TT


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