Hey everyone! I wanted to share this post with you! It is not related to a specific cause,but it’s valuable information from one of my favorite bloggers (and a great photog. In Indiana) 😉
Hope this is as helpful to you,as it was for me!
Make sure you check out the blog too! 🙂

XOIND Studios Blog

One thing that everyone should be using is some form of cloud storage. Depending on the service, there are different rules for what you can and can’t do. The great thing to know here is that you can get a little bit of extra space to store files if you need it (for free). Even greater, you can share this space across multiple computers and even your phone. Let’s add one more benefit: you can share the files with anyone who you are connected, so if you exchange files, that would be one way you can do this task instead of burning a CD or DVD disk for each person who you distribute files. You can even work collaboratively on files with others while the client software resolves the conflicts with your editing. So, I have to ask, why haven’t you started to use cloud storage yet?

Probably the granddaddy…

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