#CRPS-this post is very common w/those who suffer from #CRPS… Heck, most of what you wrote was exactly the same thing I was about to make a post about!
I lost pretty much all my friends after being diagnosed though. Regardless..it hurts when those who have been in your life forever..won’t even take 2 min to google:CRPS!! They don’t care! That’s what hurts me.
If you’d ever like to vent/chat,im here! From one #CRPS fighter to another. mmorheather@gmail.com 🙂
I hope things start to become bearable soon!

Music Makeup and CRPS

Hello Friends…

Today is a rough day so far (and its only 9:30 AM!) and I am super annoyed…if my words seem harsh, I do not mean them to be, but there is a culture of ignorance going on here (in my life, in America…everywhere) and I feel strongly that I need to address it.

For all intents and purposes, I look very healthy. A little extra weight due to the injury that triggered my CRPS and the inability to work out now, but overall I appear to be very healthy. Currently it affects my entire right leg and my lower back (ever since the failed SCS Surgery). I eat a mostly raw, whole foods, organic, plant based diet, I take vitamins when needed, I make sure to keep hydrated with the purest water and coconut water I can get my hands on…

The fact of the matter is, no…

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