A perspective from the other side. An amazing blog post from a CRPS warrior’s partner. I am so happy I found this blog post. Please check it out! Along with the blog! *Inspiration*

Living Life Beyond Disability

I’m Jen, Jamie’s wife… He asked me to do a blog for him quite a while ago, so that I could relate a different perspective to his conditions, what it is like to live with someone with such debilitating illnesses but I was very reluctant to share my experiences. I didn’t want to write about us, and to be perfectly honest, I find it incredibly difficult to read his blogs sometimes because I live it and re-reading how he feels is more than difficult, its almost intolerable because I see it and live it every day. I don’t mind him writing the blogs, I like that he has an outlet, that he has a way to express himself and to spread awareness about what he has to live through. I admire his honesty, and for putting himself out there because society, and the people that he puts himself out there…

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