I know this feeling all to well,having CRPS/RSD.. “Oh,it must be nice to nap all day”..
No, it’s not. It’s not nice to go to 6+ doctors apt. A month..fight with health insurance companies, be in constant pain,etc. but most of all.. It’s definitely not a nice feeling when people close to you,make comments like that. With invisible illnesses, support is the #1 thing we need and want the most.
Believe me, we don’t choose to feel like this.

Please know that your not alone. 🙂
And please check out her blog! And show support 🙂
Thank you!
Heather Lynn


So today one of my dearest friends calls. She asks how I am feeling. I wish people would not ask this. They want to hear I’m fine or I’m ok. They don’t want to hear I am exhausted (especially my working mom friends), I am in pain, I am fighting with insurance for approval of my meds. But I tell her all of these things and after a long pause she says oh I can’t imagine what it would be like if I can nap all day. I know people don’t realize or even comprehend the intensity of this disease but it is hard not to get frustrated. Sometimes I wish I had a visible illness or disability so my pain and sickness would be easier for people to get!

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