Donations-Heather Lynn

Hey everyone!
As many of you know, I have been posting a gofundme account for about a week now.
To those who have donated,words can not express my gratitude! I am able to go to 2 of my doctors appts. This week! On Friday,I will be discussing other treatment possibilities.Even if many aren’t covered by insurance,at least ill know! So thank you thank you!
(If you’d like to see what I’m talking about,follow the link: )
Love you all!!

CRPS awareness

💥Last week I purchased custom CRPS/RSD awareness bracelets (w/ some of the money donated) BUT-those are FREE for people who have donated and will donate.
They will also be for sale,once I receive them.
IF YOU’VE DONATED ON MY gofundme account 💥I WILL BE SENDING YOU A PERSONAL THANK YOU LETTER AND A FEW BRACELETS!💥 Make sure you hand out the extra bracelets you receive!
💦🔥Share to be aware💦🔥

If anyone has any of the following they’d like to donate/get rid of-please let me know!! I will gladly take them off your hands!
💥ANY fabric
💥Arts & Crafts supplies
💥Sewing materials
💥sewing machine(apparently a mini sewing kit isn’t enough to make fun stuff with 😳)
💥Ties (that you no longer wear,but is still in good condition)
💥Tshirts and/or button up t shirts, Dresses/Skirts,etc. (that are still in good condition

There are many things that I will be making to sell! ANY COLOR/PRINT/DESIGNS/even ANY sports team!
Some things I’ll be making:
-Tailgating must-haves
– Infant outfits and other infant to toddler must haves!
-“Model emergency bag”
-Phone/iPad covers-protectors
-Pillow case (for a man cave,babies room, etc)
-and much more!!
**I want to work as much as I physically can for the money I receive. And you are able to get awesome items as well!

*If anyone has any fabric that they’d like something made with (ex: a tote bag made out of a sports teams fabric! I live in MD, so I am not able to get any teams fabric that are not associated with DC/MD/VA area…etc) Please let me know! I will provide you with an address to send the materials too and we will go from there!

Thank you for taking your time to read this! And thank you so much for all the donations that have been received so far!

Again, the link is available here! I try to post updates on there as much as possible!


Heather Lynn


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