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Emotional Fitness

A blog about the importance of hugs, the real ones and yes, the ones that do not involve actual contact. Hugs strengthen emotional fitness.


The Transactional Analysts (TA) speak of Warm Fuzzies. The idea started with Claude Steiner, one of the greats of TA.  He gave me a warm fuzzy at one of his workshops with a 30 second comment. No one knew he was speaking directly to me.  He had noticed my painful expression because other people at the workshop were  laughing some  stereotypical pictures of old folks trying to look young.  Steiner had passed them around to make a point about the sadness of trying to be who you are.  At least I think that was the point  he was making to others in the group. He sent a different message to me.

He looked me  in the eye and said,  “Some of us…

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