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CRPS Shazz


It’s been a few days now since my failed Lignocaine Infusion so perhaps it is not so raw now to speak about. I honestly thought I had prepared myself for failure, I hadn’t really spoken to anyone that had had this particular infusion for CRPS. I seemed to have found some information from people that had had the treatment for migraines and that was about it.

But as all treatments for CRPS (and let me just clarify it is not a cure it is a pain reliever of some kind only) what works for one may not work for another and I was trying to be quietly hopeful but when it failed and my 3rd treatment was cancelled I was nothing short of devastated. I could feel that pain ramping up only an hour after the 2nd treatment but I really was not ready to hear it. 2 hours after…

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  1. shazzagirl70 says:

    Thanks so much for the re-blog very excited by that! This is probably one of my more “raw” blogs but it’s real and I own it and I know it is important to show this side because we all go through these times and I hope we can join together rather than go through it alone. I like to try and write some inspiring stories too! Again thanks so much – really appreciate it 🙂


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