There are many people (like myself) who can not sleep at night.
Here is a blog by “SarahStanley2012”, that I recommend for all you non sleepers 😉
(great post!)
-Heather Lynn


I see the side effects of every medications I take….May cause drowsiness…..Every night I take 7 pills that say this and every night I lay here wide wake waiting for sleep to come, tossing and turning, my body aching, my mind racing about starting infusions this week, panic stricken because I know the alarm is going to go off in 5 hours and I am going to be exhausted. I have so much to do tomorrow, I have a to-do list that continually gets longer because each day instead of dropping the kids off and starting on it I lay back down and sleep until lunch time if not later because I am exhausted from the previous nights sleeplessness. I have tried to stay awake in the mornings but at the end of the day I am still laying here exhausted and AWAKE, the exhaustion exacerbates me pain. I just…

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