Please check this blog out! And thank you for spreading awareness about CRPS ❤


Are you aware? Today’s CRPS Awareness Day!

To be honest, it’s taken me a while to remember which order the “R” and the “P” go, in that, even longer to remember what the letters stand for (it’s “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”), and to also recall whether it came before or after RSD (it is after, by the way: RSDS or “classic RSD” is what CRPS type I used to be called …’though some still use it interchangeably, today [read more about the names, here).
What it didn’t take me long to realize is just how painful this condition can be, for the people who have it.  I’d maybe heard about it a couple of times, briefly; but then I ran across a mom & her teen daughter who had it, on the blogs I’d begun following for a while.  Even from the outside (i.e. just hearing/reading about what…

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